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Adress :  Jalan Raya Medamg, Sekotong, Lombok,  Nusa Tenggara Barat
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Lihat HOTEL DI SEKOTONG LOMBOK di peta yang lebih besar
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Floating Villa Laut is located about 200meters off the beach. Each floating villa is anchored by four independent anchors; 2 in the front and another 2 at the back of the floating villa. The villa will definitely move following the rhythm of the wave and wind, you may hear the sound of the wood friction, which is normal and completely safe. Under certain circumstances of the season ( usually between February up to early March ) the wind is pretty strong, therefore, the floating villas will be pulled back to the shore and anchored approximately 50meters off the beach and during low tide the villa will be standing firmly on the sea sand.
The fresh water is supplied from the beach by your villa attendant and it may not really be fresh, since we take it from the local well nearby the beach.
Electricity is 220voltage and the power is enough for the lights and other equipments of the floating villa, however, in some occasion the electricity may drop or temporarily be off. In such case, the power will be generated from the independent generator.
Nirvana Roemah Air: in the village of Medang - Sekotong Tengah, Lombok Barat - NTB, has all what the tourist dream of. It is a real boutique resort: extremely unique. It is a combination of 'Crystal Turquoise and Silky Green' environment: the Medang Bay with its Mangrove forest. It simply fills the dreams of many people to have a little adventure while enjoying the luxurious comfort of the resort. Each of the
accommodation type are specially designed and constructed to meet the international standard of comfort and safety, environment friendly and each of them has its own special unique character and ambiance: one may observe the crabs or coral fish under the shallow water from their room or even can swim together with those friendly creatures in their private swimming pool. Otherwise they can also listen to the nature orchestra by the birds, heron and seagull dwelling in the mangrove forest, no matter which type of accommodation the guest choose to stay in, they definitely will find it so amusing and relaxing. A 145 m2 on the water restaurant which is located approximately 30m off the beach, called Bintang Laut Bar & Restaurant is available, serving fresh Sea food menu.

Hotel Facility :
Traditional motorized boat
Simple Snorkelling Equipments

Room  Facility: 
Private Living Room, Private Balcony, Private Shower, and also equipped with:
Refrigerator, Stereo set & VCD player, Personal safety box, Tea & Coffee maker.

Room Rates
Room Type
Regular Season
Oct 09th 10 - Dec 20th 10
Jan 06th 11 - March 31st 11
High Season
Dec 21st 10 - Jan 05th 11

Kim / Kitas
Kim / Kitas
Villa Laut
USD 110
Rp. 900.000
USD 135
Villa Pantai
USD 90
Rp. 700.000
USD 115
Rp. 950.000

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